Some Backlinks Carry Heavier Weight Than Others

backlinks 10.6.2015 Comments Off on Some Backlinks Carry Heavier Weight Than Others

A backlink is a backlink right?

SEO expertThat is what most SEO experts tell you.

But the fact is far from that. Backlinks are never seen equally in Google’s eyes, and it is widely known that some backlinks carry heavier weight than others. Sometimes, sites with fewer backlinks might outrank the ones that have much more backlinks.

This is because real SEO practitioner will build backlinks on high authority sites (i.e. sites that have high PR). PR is a ranking system created by Google to evaluate sites on a scale of 0 – 10. The higher the PR, the more trusts that site has earned from Google.

Backlinks that are created from these high PR sites carry a lot more SEO value than getting backlinks from sites with low PR. It is widely believed that a backlink that originates from a PR4 domain carries 10 times more value than a backlink created on a PR1 domain!

We are ready to offer links that originates from domains with PR of at least 4 or above. We have a network of domains with such authorities, and we are glad to make use of them to help propel your site higher in the Google SERPs!!

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